Let us help you sell your home

Can’t sell your home? It’s been on the market for months and the neighbours have sold theirs and left already! Maybe it’s time to consider letting a professional cast a critical eye over your home. Sometimes it is just a matter of de cluttering, adding a few extras or a coat of paint to make it look fresh and appealing.



House doctoring isn’t a new concept, it’s been the norm in the USA for years - we’ve all seen Anne Maurice taking British homes by the scruff of the neck, giving them a good clear out, a lick of paint and a new layout then seen them sell in days!  Now, House Doctors are everywhere, ready to help you clear your clutter then sell your home-maybe at a much higher price too.

For a small fee, 3Step will view your home and discuss what needs to be done and what you are prepared to do. You’ll then be sent a written report, listing in order of importance and room by room, what changes need to be made. You will also be given a detailed account of which colours and paints to use and a room layout should we deem it necessary.


You don’t always need to buy new, sometimes using an item of furniture from another room is all it takes to give the room a fresh look.

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