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Mid Century Modern Style


Sleek lines, unpretentious, modern and practical sums up this style in a sentence.

If you want 1950s Mid Century Modern think of bright hues and sleek furniture in pale or teak wood with slim hairpin legs, it should be unfussy with few accessories. The style was still a little restrained compared to the next decade which was more colourful and fun.

For 1960-1970s colour was everything. Bright greens, oranges, purple, yellows and earthy tones too, but this era was a little more sophisticated than the previous decade although patterns were bold, abstract or geometric and playful. As this trend has seen a big resurgence, genuine pieces of furniture from that era have been much sought after so in-turn the prices have increased considerably. Ercol furniture is still available to buy and stands the test of time as it is so well made and has those wonderful clean lines which are synonymous with these decades. Take a look on sales platforms for second-hand furniture in good condition at cheaper prices.



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